Morrisey Campaign Launches Digital Ad Campaign

Harpers Ferry, WV – The Morrisey for Senate campaign released a new digital ad campaign today reminding West Virginia voters of Evan Jenkins’s many years as a liberal Democrat.

As a 20-year Democrat in the West Virginia legislature, Jenkins was a loyal Democratic soldier, voting for a host of liberal bills and policies that hurt West Virginia.

The new ads remind voters of Jenkins’s support for Hillary Clinton and his vote for job-killing cap-and-trade legislation – a bill then-Gov. Joe Manchin signed into law.

“Evan Jenkins is throwing mud and resorting to lies because he doesn’t want voters to know about his liberal record of supporting Hillary Clinton and voting for cap-and-trade,” said Morrisey spokesperson Nachama Soloveichik. “Jenkins’s desperation is sad, but voters deserve to know the truth. These ads simply lay out where the candidates stand on the important issues facing West Virginia. Jenkins is a liberal and Morrisey is a conservative with a record of results.”



Support for Hillary
· Jenkins attended a Hillary Clinton rally in 2007. (The Herald Dispatch, 07/27/07)

· Jenkins voted in the Democratic presidential primary in 2008 and, by his own admission, didn’t support Barack Obama.

Voted for cap-and-trade
· Jenkins voted for HB 103 that required 25 percent of West Virginia’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025. (HB 103, 2009, The Alternative and Renewable Energy. Portfolio Standard, 06/2/09)

· West Virginia Republicans described HB 103 as a cap-and-trade bill and later repealed it. (MetroNews, 12/12/14)