Where is Evan Jenkins’ Q4 Fundraising Numbers?

Harpers Ferry, WV – After conservative U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey released his fourth quarter fundraising numbers totaling $737,000, Evan Jenkins’ Senate campaign has been conspicuously silent about his fundraising numbers.

Perhaps Evan Jenkins has repeated his abysmal third quarter fundraising with another disappointing quarter and is trying to hide his sinking campaign from public scrutiny.

In the third quarter, Morrisey more than tripled Jenkins’s paltry report of $221,000. Furthermore, Jenkins spent nearly his entire fundraising haul, netting only $14,000 and producing one of the worst fundraising quarters for a major U.S. Senate candidate.

It appears increasingly likely that Jenkins is on track to repeat last quarter’s poor haul.

“With his liberal record, his past support of Joe Manchin, and his paltry fundraising reports, it’s clear that Evan Jenkins cannot credibly take on Sen. Manchin in the general election,” Morrisey spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said. “West Virginians deserve a genuinely conservative senator – that person is Patrick Morrisey.”