Morrisey Campaign Launches Digital Ad: Jenkins Was Open to Third-Party Presidential Candidate

Harpers Ferry, WV – Surprise, surprise. After months of pretending like he is President Trump’s biggest fan, it turns out Evan Jenkin’s is lying about his past yet again. New evidence shows that Evan Jenkins wouldn’t commit to supporting Donald Trump, if he were the Republican nominee.

Evan Jenkins has been openly lying about his support for Donald Trump from “day one.” ​With Donald Trump as the clear front-runner in the GOP primary in March 2016​,​ Jenkins was asked​ if he​ would support the winner of the Republican primaries, but​ he gave himself leeway to support a third-party candidate.

The Charleston Gazette reported that “​…​Jenkins pointed to energy issues in confirming their preference for a Republican (without ruling out a third-party candidate).”

Morrisey for Senate launched a digital ad today highlighting Jenkins’ ​lies about supporting Donald Trump and his willingness  to support a third-party candidate.

“It’s shameful to see Evan Jenkins trying to sell West Virginia voters a bill of goods,” Morrisey spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said. “After years of flip-flopping on abortion, cap-and-trade, and Obamacare, it’s clear that Evan Jenkins will say whatever the political winds tell him to say. If West Virginians want to elect a weather vane, he’d be a great choice. If they’re looking for a conservative senator, Patrick Morrisey is their guy.”