Morrisey Campaign Edits Joe Manchin’s Pledge Gimmick

Harpers Ferry, WV – After Sen. Joe Manchin issued a self-serving pledge, urging his Senate colleagues to resist campaigning for his opponents this election cycle, the Morrisey for Senate released an edited version of the Manchin pledge.

Entitled “A Pledge to Elect A Real Conservative for WV to the U.S. Senate,” the pledge offers West Virginia voters the opportunity to pledge to vote no on Joe.

The revised pledge reads:

In order to restore conservative leadership and principled policies to West Virginia, we must pledge to champion an era of pro-business, pro-life, and pro-coal policies. I, ___________, pledge to the people of West Virginia and to the American people that I will: 1) Elect a true conservative to the Senate, 2) Elect a candidate who is pro-life, 3) Elect a candidate who is pro-gun, 4) Elect a candidate who is pro-coal, 5) VOTE NO ON JOE!

“Joe Manchin is waking up to the reality that the majority of West Virginia voters are fed up with his liberal votes and his alliance with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer,” Morrisey spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said. “How hypocritical – after years of opposing conservative policies – he is desperately trying to inoculate himself from conservative opposition. This revised pledge is an opportunity for West Virginia voters to hold Sen. Manchin accountable for his liberal record.”