Evan Jenkins Sides with Drug Dealers and Opposes Morrisey’s Efforts to Fight Drug Abuse

Charleston, WV – In further proof that Evan Jenkins’ U.S. Senate campaign is sliding down the drain, Jenkins issued a release today attacking Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for trying to convince the Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates to do MORE to combat opioid addiction.

After the Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates failed to advance some of Attorney General Morrisey’s proposed life-saving legislation to go after drug dealers and combat substance abuse, Morrisey issued the following tweet: “WV isn’t doing enough to stop drug abuse. It’s time @wvlegislature agrees to an enforcement surge and equips State Police, prosecutors, and AG with more investigators, prosecutors, and troopers. No midnight highway patrols to go after drug dealers? It’s literally criminal. #wvag”

In response, Evan Jenkins issued a press release siding with the insiders in Charleston and attacking Morrisey’s tough, anti-substance abuse language: “’It is outrageous for Patrick Morrisey to attack West Virginia Republicans’ commitment to tackling the opioid crisis,’ Jenkins said.”

As a reminder, Patrick Morrisey and his office have launched an aggressive campaign against substance abuse up and down the pharmaceutical supply chain and have achieved the largest settlements against pharmaceutical companies in West Virginia’s history. That’s why the Martinsburg Journal has said about Morrisey: “No state official has been more effective in the struggle against drug abuse.”

“West Virginia voters deserve a senator who will stand up and fight the swamp, whether it exists in Charleston or Washington, D.C,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “People are tired of the back-slapping, back-benchers like Evan Jenkins who get nothing done. I am proud of the work we have done to combat substance abuse in West Virginia, and we will take on anyone – Democrat or Republican – who wants to protect the drug dealers. Evan Jenkins can stand with his good ol’ boys; I’ll stand with the people of West Virginia and fight to stop senseless death.”