Morrisey Releases New Digital Ad Highlighting Jenkins’ Liberal Past

Harpers Ferry, WV – Today, Morrisey for Senate released a new digital ad highlighting Evan Jenkins’ 20-year record as a liberal Democrat.

Entitled “Hiding,” the ad discusses Evan Jenkins’ liberal record, including his support for a cap-and-trade bill, more than 20 tax and fee increases, and his support for Democrats Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for president in 2008 and 2004 respectively.

The Morrisey campaign also unveiled a new website detailing Evan Jenkins’ liberal betrayal throughout the years.

Watch the ad here.

“Evan Jenkins is lying to voters claiming to be conservative, but his 20-year record as a liberal Democrat tells another story,” said Morrisey spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik. “West Virginia voters deserve to know the truth about Evan Jenkins’ record of supporting cap-and-trade, higher taxes, and even Hillary Clinton for president. West Virginia deserves a senator who will stand up for conservative values, not a liberal in hiding like Evan Jenkins.”


Career politician Evan Jenkins, a 20-year liberal Democrat
Voted for Joe Manchin’s cap-and-trade bill against coal miners
Voted for higher taxes and fees over 20 times
Rallied for Hillary Clinton for president
And supported liberal John Kerry over George W. Bush
Evan Jenkins, a liberal in hiding


Cap-and-trade: In 2009, Jenkins voted for HB 103, a job-killing cap-and-trade bill that required 25% of West Virginia’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025. This bill was later criticized by state Republicans for being a cap-and-trade bill.

  • HB 103, 2009, The Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, 06/2/09
  • “House Bill 103 creates the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act, which established a minimum alternative and renewable energy portfolio. By the year 2025, at least 25 percent of the electric energy sold to retail customers in this state is to be generated from alternative and renewable energy resources.” (“Wrap-Up: The Official Newsletter of the West Virginia Legislature,” 06/11/09)
  • “The technical name of H.B. 103 is the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, but Republicans derisively call it a ‘cap-and-trade’ law.  The legislation is designed to lower emissions from coal-fired power plants by requiring utilities to generate increasing amounts of electricity using alternative fuels: 10 percent by next year, 15 percent by 2020 and 25 percent by 2025.” (“Republicans take aim at WV ‘cap-and-trade’ law,” MetroNews, 12/12/14)
Taxes and fees: Jenkins voted for many taxes and fees over his 20-year career.
  • In 1998, Jenkins voted against a motion to eliminate the food tax (West Virginia House Journal, P. 1191 – 1193, 03/06/98)
  • In 1999, Jenkins voted against a resolution to make it harder to raise taxes (require 2/3 majority) (HR 15, West Virginia House Journal, P. 566, 02/15/99; AP, 02/16/99)
  • In 2005, Jenkins voted against lowering the gas tax (The Herald-Dispatch, 09/08/05)
  • In 2006, Jenkins voted against lowering the corporate tax from 9% to 6% (SB 2005, The Herald-Dispatch, 11/11/06, West Virginia State Senate Journal, 2006 Second Extraordinary Session, 11/11/06)
  • HB 4143, nurse license renewal fee (03/10/04)
  • SB 675, increases outdoor advertising fee (RC #42, 03/03/04)
  • HB 2368, increases veterinary fee (RC #14, 04/08/05)
  • SB 335, imposes a fee on the transfer of real property (02/20/07)
  • HB 2955, continue excise tax on motor fuel instead of allowing it to decrease (RC #106, 03/10/07)
  • HB 4337, increases barbers and cosmetologists’ fees (3/07/08)
  • SB 662, increases recording fees (03/08/08)
  • HB 2986, establishes a permit fee for burning sites (03/12/11)
  • HB 4338, additional DMV fee for tilting a vehicle (03/07/12)
  • SB 579, raises the tax on processed coal (03/09/12)
  • SB 194, fee on real estate transfers (RC #120, 04/09/05)
  • HB 4210, new fees for ginseng growers and dealers (03/09/06)
  • SB 415, imposes new fee for criminal records check (03/07/07)
  • SB 178, allow counties to increase hotel tax (RC #51, 03/10/07)
  • SB 414, sets new fees for services performed by circuit court clerks (03/06/07)
  • SB 608, increases fees for documents issued by the DMV (03/12/11)
  • SB 458, increases license and certification fees for logging sediment (03/09/11)
Hillary Clinton: Jenkins attended a Hillary Clinton presidential rally in 2007 (“Cabell Dems ready for visit,” The Herald-Dispatch, 06/27/07)

John Kerry: Jenkins supported John Kerry for president in 2004.

  • “Jenkins said he still plans to support the Democratic nominee in November’s election.” (Charleston Daily Mail, 08/05/04)