New Poll: Desperate Evan Jenkins in Third place

Harpers Ferry, WV – Evan Jenkins’ flailing Senate campaign is deceiving people about poll numbers, trying to boost his abysmal fundraising. Morrisey for Senate released a new poll, demonstrating that Morrisey narrowly leads the Senate race, with Don Blankenship in second, and Jenkins in a distant third.

The poll was conducted by Osage Research on March 13, 2018 with a margin of error of ± 4.38%. The poll shows Morrisey with 24.1%, Blankenship with 22.6%, and Jenkins with 17.4%. Read reports in the Wheeling Intelligencer and the Washington Examiner.

Patrick Morrisey 24.1%
Don Blankenship 22.6%
Evan Jenkins 17.4%

“Liberal Evan Jenkins has misled voters about his record repeatedly, from his support for cap-and-trade, which kills coal jobs, to his rallying for Hillary Clinton, to his votes for gun control,” Morrisey said. “It’s not surprising that Jenkins is now releasing junk polling. West Virginia voters deserve a conservative senator who will stand up to the liberals in Washington, not someone who will say one thing and do another.”