ACU Endorses Patrick Morrisey in WV Senate Race

Alexandria, VA – Today, the American Conservative Union (ACU) endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey in the Republican primary in West Virginia.

ACU highlighted Morrisey’s impressive conservative record as West Virginia’s Attorney General, where he defeated Obama’s EPA, expanded gun rights, defended life, and stood up for the rule of law.

“Patrick Morrisey is a conservative with a proven track record of fighting for West Virginians as their Attorney General,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Morrisey fought against Barack Obama’s attempts to push states into accepting his radical agenda on abortion, religious freedom, and the War on Coal. As Senator, he will continue to fight and stand up for the conservative principles we share. Patrick Morrisey is the right choice for conservatives in West Virginia and ACU is proud to endorse him for the United States Senate.”

“I am humbled and grateful for ACU’s endorsement in this critical race,” Patrick Morrisey said. “All long-time conservatives know that ACU has been fighting the good fight for our conservative values for more than half a century. I am proud to stand with them in the effort to retake this West Virginia Senate seat from liberal Joe Manchin.”