Conservative and Republican Women Condemn Jenkins and Blankenship’s Attacks

Harpers Ferry, WV – Today, a group of women from across West Virginia sent a letter to Congressman Evan Jenkins and Don Blankenship, condemning their repeated attacks on Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s wife in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

The 100-plus women include elected officials and Republican and conservative activists from across the state. The women urged Rep. Jenkins and Mr. Blankenship to apologize to Mrs. Morrisey and to keep the political attacks focused on the Senate candidates on the ballot. They also argued that inappropriate attacks are an insult to women and unbecoming of a U.S. Senate candidate.

A copy of the letter is below.

Congressman Evan Jenkins
P.O. Box 727
Huntington, WV 25711

Mr. Don Blankenship
3010 Parchment Ct.
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Dear Congressman Jenkins and Mr. Blankenship:

We write to you as proud Republicans, West Virginians, and women.

As active Republican women, we are no stranger to the heated nature of political campaigns, but this passion should be directed at the candidates on the ballot, not their family members.

As women who have worked hard to build our own careers, we are extremely disappointed by your recent attacks on Patrick Morrisey’s wife – who is not currently and has never been a candidate for office.

To be sure, Mr. Morrisey’s positions and time in public office are fair game, but Mrs. Morrisey’s career and her political opinions should be off the table. Of course, we would expect the same basic courtesy from Mr. Morrisey vis a vis your family. It would be just as ludicrous and offensive for Mr. Morrisey to research your family members’ background, jobs, or political positions and lob attacks at them.

The Republican Party is often accused of being unfriendly towards women, and it is exactly attacks like these that push women away from our party.

As strong and independent women ourselves, we want to be judged by our own records, not by our husbands’. As mothers, we encourage our daughters and other young girls to pursue careers they are passionate about. We teach them that hard work and commitment will be rewarded, that they will be judged on their own merits. Don’t you agree?


Senator Patricia Rucker (Jefferson-16)
Delegate Dianna Graves (Kanawha-38)
Delegate Jill Upson (Jefferson-65)
Patti Adams, Upshur County GOP Chair
Betsy Plumer, Hampshire County prosecutor
Commissioner Elaine Mauck (Berkeley County)
Betty DeHaven, President of Concerned Women of America, Martinsburg Chapter
Carrissa Sellards, WVFCR Second Congressional Vice Chair
Daphne Andrews
Gillian Adams
Jennifer Arnold
Anna Baker
Giordana Baker
Caitlyn Barker
Kathy Baxter
Kerin Beall
Lisa Black
Pamela Bonar Dillion
Judith Bradbury
Priscilla Browning
Pam Brush
Alison Cady
Kerry Campbell
Hellen Cohernour
Linda Colliere
Kathie Crouse
Heather Cypher
Patty Donnelly
Alexandra Dotson
Anne Dungan
Cristin Dusenbury
Cathy Espinosa
Kristen Fallier
Amy Force
Besty Gerber
Stacey Graulau
Michelle Graves Carpenter
Ina Grimes
Lynn Harty
Mary Ann Head
Laura Hedrick
Hallie Higginbotham
Trina Higginbotham
Donna Holstine
Maxine Householder
Tresa Howell
Jessica Imes
Jessica Jewel
Viola G. Johnson
Renee Ayala Jones-Wagner
Terry Knill
Nancy Kogoy
Pam Krushansky
Mandy Legg
Charlotte Lewis
Marie Lewis
Cory Lisk
Sherie Main
Hannah Mansell
Paula Martinelli
Shae Mayrand
Lauren McClanahan
Blanch McDaniels
Vanessa McGuin
Jayme Metzgar
Toni Milbourne
Catherine Moles
Elisa Moore
Summer Mullins
Vanessa Naum
Kim Newcomer
Sharon Novak
Janet O’Farrell
Karen Page
Alyssa Parks
Gigi Pedersen
Jean Petti
Cindy Phares
Jennie Powell
Darlene Pulz
Heather Queen
Brianna Schliecher
Susan Schmidt
Gloria Serfass
Isabel Simon
Billie C Sipes
Regina Smith
Lynn Staton
Becky Stiles
Chelsea Svendsen
Christ Tennant
Loretta Terry
Brigette Tester
Sarah Timite
Jill Turner
Linda Wakeford
Cierra Walker
Lynn Welsh
Lynne Wheaton
Melodie Williams
Kathy York