Morrisey for Senate Releases New Ad Highlighting Jenkins’ Liberal Record

Harpers Ferry, WV – Morrisey for Senate released a new statewide television ad today, highlighting the contrast between Patrick Morrisey’s proven conservative record and Evan Jenkins’ 20-year liberal Democratic record.

Entitled “Liberal Record,” the ad details Jenkins’ support for cap and trade and gun control, as well as how Jenkins rallied for Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for president.

Watch the ad here.


Narrator: Evan Jenkins, a liberal Democrat record
Narrator: Like Obama, Jenkins supported cap and trade
Lady: Liberals!
Narrator: Voted for gun control
Man: I’m tired of liberal gun grabbers!
Narrator: Rallied for Hillary Clinton and John Kerry’s anti-coal campaigns
Man: Obama Clinton liberals!
Narrator: Evan Jenkins, a liberal in hiding
Narrator: Patrick Morrisey beat Obama at the Supreme Court, saving coal jobs
Narrator: Endorsed by West Virginians for Life and gun owners
Narrator: Patrick Morrisey, a conservative fighter who wins for us
Morrisey: I’m Patrick Morrisey and I approve this message


Cap and trade: On March 11, 1997, Jenkins sponsored HB 2476, a bill to create a market-based air emission banking and trading program – this is a cap and trade bill. In 2009, Jenkins voted for HB 103, a job-killing cap and trade bill that required 25% of West Virginia’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025. This bill was later criticized by state Republicans for being a cap and trade bill that would hurt West Virginia’s coal industry. (HB 103, 2009, The Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, 06/2/09)

Gun control: Jenkins voted against an NRA-backed bill to prohibit cities and counties from restricting the right of any person to purchase, possess, transfer, own, carry or sell any firearm or ammunition. (Charleston Gazette, 03/04/99; West Virginia House Journal, P. 997, 03/03/99)

Hillary Clinton: Jenkins attended a Hillary Clinton for president rally in 2008. (“Cabell Dems ready for visit,” The Herald-Dispatch, July 27, 2007)

John Kerry: Jenkins supported John Kerry for president in 2004: “Jenkins said he still plans to support the Democratic nominee in November’s election.” (Charleston Daily Mail, 08/05/04)