Morrisey for Senate Releases Polling Showing Morrisey in the Lead

Harpers Ferry, WV – Morrisey for Senate released the results of an internal poll showing Patrick Morrisey in the lead in the West Virginia U.S. Senate race primary and Don Blankenship in a distant third place. Read the polling memo here.

Conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the poll surveyed 500 Republican primary voters from April 22 – April 23, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.38%.

The key findings show Patrick Morrisey in the lead with 28% of the vote. Evan Jenkins comes in second with 26%, and Don Blankenship trails with 15%. Eighteen percent of voters are undecided.

Importantly, the data shows the momentum is at Morrisey’s back. Morrisey has a widening lead with voters who tend to dominate West Virginia’s Republican primary.

  • Morrisey has a nine-point lead among base-Republican/very conservative voters.
  • Morrisey leads by seven points among right-to-lifers.
  • Morrisey leads by 16% among frequent church goers.
  • Morrisey leads by six points among both Second Amendment voters and Trump supporters.
  • Morrisey leads by eight points among those most likely to vote.

Finally, Morrisey has maintained strong favorability ratings throughout the campaign, and saw his favorable increase from the campaign’s last survey – from 42% in March to 47% in April.