Manchin: listen to what I say, not what I said

CHARLESTON, WV — This week, Sen. Joe Manchin did everything he could to run away from two of the most liberal and out-of-touch parts of his record. 

First, Manchin tried to run away from his record of being a friend and staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton:

  • THEN: “I don’t think there is any secret in this room I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. I voted for Hillary Clinton.” (Remarks in Morgantown, WV, 3/18/17)
  • NOW: “It was a mistake. It was a mistake politically,” Manchin said of continuing to support Clinton. (Politico, 6/6/18) 

Today, Manchin is attempting to run away from his record of opposing a wall on our Southern border:

  • THEN: “I’m not for building a wall. I’m not for building a wall at all.” (The Young Turks, 7/11/17)
  • NOW: “I wanted Mexico to pay for the border wall, but they’re not, so we need to do it ourselves to protect this country. I voted with President to support his border wall, anyone who tells you different is lying.” (Joe Manchin Campaign, 6/8/18)

Over the next five-months, West Virginia voters can expect Joe Manchin to spend every waking moment running from his liberal, pro-Hillary Clinton, pro-gun control, pro-cap and trade, pro-abortion, and pro-illegal immigration record.

“Joe Manchin will say or do anything to salvage his political career, but it won’t work because he is haunted by his liberal, pro-Hillary Clinton record,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Whether it was running away from his full-throated support for Hillary Clinton or his opposition to building a wall, Joe Manchin is reminding voters why he is the worst of the phony Washington elite.”