Morrisey: Manchin Sides with Liberal Democrats and Obama on Reinstating Open-Border Policies

CHARLESTON, WV — Today, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey released the following statement in response to Sen. Joe Manchin joining with liberal Senate Democrats to reinstate Obama’s dangerous catch and release, open-border policies:

“Of course there should be steps taken to keep families together in a humane way at the border, and Congress must change the laws to make that happen. This does not excuse Joe Manchin joining with liberals in Washington to reinstate the dangerous catch and release, open-border policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Not only does this partisan proposal that Manchin has signed give special privileges to illegal immigrant criminals, drug dealers, and child-traffickers, it will encourage the use of vulnerable children as shields to illegally cross the border in greater numbers.

“Manchin joined Obama in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants, voiced opposition to Trump’s border wall, and now is joining with radical liberals in Washington to push a pro-illegal immigrant, open-border agenda. West Virginia needs a Senator who will stand with President Trump to defend our borders and put Americans first, not illegal immigrant criminals.”