Sen. Manchin Announces Support For Schumer’s Liberal Opposition Strategy

CHARLESTON, WV — As soon as Sen. Manchin finished his meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Monday, Manchin headed straight to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office.

Politico reported Monday that Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrat leadership have ordered their members to “Keep your powder dry. Don’t commit. Stay as neutral as you can.” It should be of no surprise that Sen. Manchin bolted straight to Schumer’s office following his meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and continues to hold out support for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

The news of Sen. Manchin’s loyalty to Sen. Chuck Schumer is not shocking given the financial and political support that Schumer has supplied Manchin’s re-election campaign. Schumer has asked Senate Democrats to fall in line with his liberal obstructionist strategy, and on Monday, Sen. Manchin did exactly that.

Sen. Manchin has survived his re-election bid up until now thanks to the support of Sen. Schumer’s Super PAC and associated groups pouring $10 MILLION into West Virginia so far.

“Sen. Manchin’s politically motivated delay tactics serve only to assist radical Washington liberals and their desperate efforts to defeat the confirmation of President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “West Virginia voters want a U.S. Senator who will stand with President Trump and his highly-qualified U.S. Supreme Court pick, not another radical Washinton liberal like Joe Manchin.”