Manchin Begs Trump (Again) To Stay Out Of West Virginia Senate Race

CHARLESTON, WV — Underlining the significance of President Trump’s role in the West Virginia U.S. Senate race, Sen. Joe Manchin begged Trump (again) to not endorse Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. In an interview with The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Manchin “claims he tried to talk the president out of endorsing Morrisey in a private meeting before Trump visited The Greenbrier resort in July.”

This is not the first time Manchin has begged Trump not to get involved, as he told a radio station back in May that “you don’t need to come back to West Virginia. It’s nice to have you, but not during an election cycle.”

The primary reason Joe Manchin doesn’t want President Trump campaigning against him is that Trump continues to expose how lying liberal Joe Manchin “votes against the people of West Virginia.” 

“Lying liberal Joe Manchin knows that his opposition to President Trump and his record of siding with Washington liberals and Hillary Clinton is going to be his downfall on election day,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “West Virginians agree with President Trump when he said that Manchin ‘votes against the people of West Virginia,’ particularly on the issues of standing with Hillary Clinton’s war on coal, rallying with Obama to erode the Second Amendment, and siding with pro-abortion liberals to fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood.”

Recent criticism of lying liberal Joe Manchin from President Donald Trump’s trip to West Virginia…

“If you vote for Joe Manchin or any other Democrat in November you’re voting for the party that wants to really destroy the coal industry. Patrick said it, Joe endorsed Hillary 100 percent, and he got along with her even better after she came out with a statement that she wants to destroy coal and coal companies. That’s a bad thing…”

“Joe doesn’t vote. He just doesn’t vote for us. It’s a vote for Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, their new leader, Maxime Waters.”

Joe Manchin always voted for Obama and he voted to keep the disaster known as Obamacare…”

“Joe Manchin voted no on the tax cuts. You know the last time I was here, I saw signs along the highway, ‘Joe you voted no on tax cuts’ and ‘Joe you voted no for our President,’ you voted no. And he’s going to vote no. I’m not knocking him but Schumer’s the boss…”

“He’s voting against your tax cuts, he voted against repeal and replace, he votes against the things that we want. And he votes against the people of West Virginia. You can’t do that.”