Manchin Waits For Schumer’s Permission, Sits Silent As Dems “Disrupt And Protest” President Trump

CHARLESTON, WV — As Senate Democrats execute Chuck Schumer’s absurd “disrupt and protest” plan for the confirmation hearings of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Joe Manchin sits silent and continues to follow the orders that Chuck Schumer gave him back in July.

In late July, Chuck Schumer ordered Manchin and other red-state Democrats to “keep your powder dry. Don’t commit.” Manchin has followed Schumer’s directive to hold out support for Trump’s pick to give the Washington Democrats “room to maneuver.” Manchin’s allegiance to Democrat Leadership was on full display when he darted straight to Chuck Schumer’s office after his meeting with Kavanaugh, and now his refusal to back Trump’s nominee is giving Senate Democrats the freedom to attack Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Manchin’s loyalty to Chuck Schumer has continued despite immense pressure from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, pro-life West Virginians, pro-Second Amendment West Virginians, community leaders from across the state, and recent polling that suggests that  71 percent of West Virginians would like to see Trump’s Supreme Court pick confirmed. This last week, Axios and NBC News both profiled the immense pressure Manchin is facing to drop his adherence to Schumer’s plan and to support Judge Kavanaugh.

“Liberal lying Joe Manchin is putting the interests of Washington Democrats and Chuck Schumer ahead of doing what is right by standing with West Virginians in support of President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court pick,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “West Virginians know that Manchin will eventually support Judge Kavanaugh, but his delay tactics only assist Chuck Schumer and radical liberals as they try to obstruct Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee.”