When Will Manchin Cave To Pressure From Morrisey, West Virginians?

CHARLESTON, WV — The Senate Judiciary Committee concluded its hearings on Friday for the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but West Virginians continue to wait as Sen. Joe Manchin plays politics by holding out support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Joe Manchin has faced immense pressure from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who has been urging Manchin to quit the political games and to back President Trump’s Supreme Court pick. Morrisey has been a staunch supporter of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick and has been leading a 26 state coalition of Attorneys General urging the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Morrisey also called on Manchin to debate U.S. Supreme Court issues, but Manchin declined.

West Virginians from every corner of the state – pro-life West Virginians, pro-Second Amendment West Virginians, West Virginia elected officials – are urging Manchin to quit siding with Schumer and to confirm Kavanaugh. A recent poll suggests that  71 percent of West Virginians would like to see Trump’s Supreme Court pick confirmed.

Even with widespread support and immense pressure, Joe Manchin is still holding out support for Kavanaugh. Why? He’s been following Chuck Schumer’s orders to “keep your powder dry. Don’t commit,” which has given radical Senate Democrats “room to maneuver” and obstruct President Trump. Only once Schumer gives Manchin permission, will he back Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Joe Manchin voted for 95 percent of President Obama’s liberal judicial nominees, but now he needs to listen to the people West Virginia, not Washington liberals like Chuck Schumer. ​

“Manchin has a craven political calculation to make this week after spending months aiding Schumer and Senate Democrats’ radical obstruction of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Facing immense pressure from Attorney General Morrisey and West Virginians, Manchin will eventually cave to support Kavanaugh, but only once his party bosses in Washington give him permission.”