Why Is Manchin Afraid To Debate?

CHARLESTON, WV — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has accepted invitations for three statewide televised debates, and remains open to additional debates, including one hosted by a national media outlet. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin refuses to commit to two upcoming statewide televised debates: the West Virginia Press Association/WCHS/AARP debate on October 9 and the Nexstar broadcasting debate on October 15.

Why is Manchin afraid to debate? Manchin can’t defend his support of Hillary Clinton even after she pledged to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

During a recent visit to West Virginia, President Trump highlighted why Joe Manchin is afraid to defend his liberal record in debates: “If you vote for Joe Manchin or any other Democrat in November, you’re voting for the party that wants to really destroy the coal industry. Patrick said it, Joe endorsed Hillary 100 percent, and he got along with her even better after she came out with a statement that she wants to destroy coal and coal companies. That’s a bad thing.”

In addition to the two televised debate invitations Manchin refuses to accept, he has already declined two other debate invites. Manchin declined an invitation from WVNS in August to participate in a candidate forum at the West Virginia State Fair and he declined an invitation from Morrisey to debate issues relating to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Joe Manchin endorsed, campaigned for, and voted for Hillary Clinton even after she pledged to put coal miners out of work,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “It is clear that lying liberal Joe Manchin doesn’t want televised debates, because he can’t defend his record of siding with Hillary Clinton’s anti-coal agenda.”