Manchin Votes For Manchin

Manchin makes craven political calculation to vote for Kavanaugh, but only after his vote wasn’t needed
CHARLESTON, WV — This morning, Joe Manchin announced he caved to pressure from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and the majority of West Virginians to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but only after Trump and Senate Republicans had secured enough votes to not need Manchin’s support.

In response to Manchin’s craven political calculation, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued this statement:

“Joe Manchin only votes in the interest of Joe Manchin. President Trump had all the votes he needed to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but Manchin waited – making a craven political calculation – in order to try to save his political career.

“Spending months on the sideline, Manchin allowed Senate Democrats and the liberal media to orchestrate a resist and obstruct circus to smear President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Manchin owes West Virginia an apology for watching, doing nothing, as Democrats sought to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“When it matters most, Joe Manchin is with Hillary Clinton for President, Chuck Schumer and Obama for gun control, and is voting with Nancy Pelosi for amnesty for illegal immigrants. West Virginians and President Trump can’t trust Joe Manchin to fight for our values because he is simply just another dishonest Washington liberal.”

“I’m thankful President Trump is in the White House to nominate strong constitutionalist judges, and Judge Brett Kavanaugh is going to be an extraordinary Justice on the U.S. Supreme court. While West Virginians knew that President Trump would nominate exceptional judges, Joe Manchin stood with Hillary Clinton and her agenda to fill our courts with radicals. Joe Manchin was with Hillary Clinton then, and today, he is out for himself, desperately trying to save his re-election.” 

Additionally, the Washington Examiner reported today that Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC will continue to support Manchin regardless of him voting YES on Kavanaugh in a clear and desperate effort to try to give Senate Democrats a majority next year. Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC and its affiliates have already spent or booked $11.2 million dollars to prop up Joe Manchin in an effort to hand Democrats control of the Senate this election. Manchin currently serves as a member of Chuck Schumer’s Democrat Senate leadership team.