Sideline Joe literally waited in the wings of the Senate Chamber until there was a majority of “aye” votes, making his vote ultimately non-consequential 
CHARLESTON, WV — Joe Manchin lacks the courage to be the deciding votefor Judge Brett Kavanaugh, so today, he waited until the outcome was decided to only then pile-on.

Reporters noted that Manchin hid while the votes continued, but only returned once the “ayes” already had a majority.

“Joe Manchin’s pile-on today is why ‘Washington sucks.’ West Virginians witnessed why Joe Manchin is just another craven politically calculating politician, only doing the right thing once the outcome had already been determined,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “West Virginia voters understand that Sideline Joe is just a gutless, dishonest Washington liberal, who will do whatever it takes to try to get re-elected.”