What They Are Saying About Manchin’s Political Calculation

CHARLESTON, WV — Following Manchin’s decision to make a political calculation in a desperate effort to try to save his re-election bid, observers on all ends of the spectrum noted how Joe Manchin’s decision was a real sad profile in political courage.

Politico reported on Manchin’s plan to not be the deciding vote, making his decision inconsequential in the outcome. Adding to Manchin’s political calculation, the Washington Examiner reported Saturday that Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC and the DSCC will continue to spend millions of dollars in a desperate effort to get Manchin re-elected.

Here is what they are saying…

FOX News’ Chris Wallace: “I have to say, I don’t know if Joe Manchin has been a profile in political courage in all of this.” (FOX)
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “A real profile in courage from Lyin’ liberal @JoeManchinWV. Waited until Kavanugh had enough votes secured before he announced his support. I bet he had another press release ready to go if Collins went the other way.”  (Jr.)
Mark Levin: “Joe Manchin only announced his yes vote after Collins announced she’d vote yes for Kavanaugh.  Manchin is a profile in gutlessness.” (Levin)
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “I noticed that Manchin made his decision 2 seconds, or a beat right after Collins. He represents West Virginia, not Maine” (MSNBC)
Newsmax: Manchin Went “Way Wind Was Blowing” in W. Va. on Kavanaugh (Newsmax)
FOX News: “In a dramatic address from the Senate floor Friday afternoon, Collins effectively provided political cover for Manchin’s vote” (FOX News)
Charleston Gazette-Mail: “Assuming no Senators change their minds on the confirmation, Collins’ backing solidified the chances of a passing vote, and Manchin’s was just an add-on… According to Politico, Manchin did not make his initial procedural vote for Kavanaugh until the result was effectively decided by Collins and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.” (Gazette-Mail)
Newsy: “Manchin’s decision on Kavanaugh had more political expedience behind it: he announced his support for Kavanaugh only after Sen. Susan Collins had already given Kavanaugh the final vote he needed to pass the Senate.” (Newsy)
CNN’s Phil Mattingly: “Everybody looks at the politics and they are very obvious. President Trump won West Virginia in 2016 by a significant margin. Joe Manchin has been looking at that and eyeing that over the course, pretty much, the entire term of Congress.” (CNN)
New York Times: “Moments later, Mr. Manchin, who is facing a tough re-election battle at home and was widely believed to be following Ms. Collins’s lead, announced that he too would be a yes vote.” (NYT)
US News’ David Catanese: “Manchin’s a YES, immediately after Collins. Didn’t even try to hide that he was following her lead.” (US News)
LifeNews: Joe Manchin Waited Until Other Swing Senators Voted Before Supporting Brett Kavanaugh (LifeNews)
Talking Points Memo: Ex-Manchin Staffer Calls His Support For Brett Kavanaugh ‘Pure Weakness’ (TPM)
Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch: “Joe Manchin: Profile in Courage.” (Bunch)
RedState: Minutes After Sen. Collins Says YES, Sen. Manchin Says ME TOO. (RedState)
Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio: “This Democrat who has worked with President Trump and Senate Republicans is facing a re-election battle that makes voting against Brett Kavanaugh akin to political suicide. For that reason, Manchin was always a likely “yes” vote for Kavanaugh, as long as he wasn’t the vote that decided the nominee’s fate.” (WaEx)
CNN’s Jason Morrell: “So brave of Manchin to wait until Collins revealed her decision on Kavanaugh” (CNN)
CNBC’s John Harwood: “as universally predicted, Manchin voted w/winning side” (CNBC)
Larry O’Connor: “Now watch Manchin come along with a meek yes vote now that Collins has done all the hard work for him.” (O’Connor)