WV Senate Debate Formally Announced By Nexstar, Morrisey Agrees, Manchin Says “No”

CHARLESTON, WV — This weekend, Nexstar Broadcasting announced the October 15th West Virginia U.S. Senate debate to air on 5 Nexstar stations across West Virginia, reaching all 55 counties in the state. Nexstar noted that Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has accepted the invitation to debate, but the Manchin campaign has said “no.”

“Joe Manchin is afraid of televised debates because he can’t answer for his support of Hillary Clinton, his work with Obama and Schumer to restrict gun rights, and his obstruction of President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda,” said Morrisey for Senate spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Manchin abandoned West Virginia when he supported Obama and Hillary when they sought to harm West Virginia, and he is abandoning voters today by refusing to debate and answer for his obstruction of the Trump agenda.”

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has agreed to three statewide televised debates, while Manchin has declined two of them. The October 9 WV Press Association/AARP/WCHS debate was canceled after Manchin wouldn’t commit. The WV Broadcasters Association Debate is scheduled for November 1.

Manchin declined a candidate forum hosted by WVNS, which was supposed to take place at the West Virginia State Fair in August. Morrisey also urged Manchin to debate issues relating to the U.S. Supreme Court, but Manchin declined the invitation.