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Cap and trade

In 2009, Jenkins voted for HB 103, a job-killing cap and trade bill that required 25% of West Virginia’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025, a bill signed by then-Gov. Joe Manchin. This bill was later criticized by state Republicans for being a cap and trade bill that would hurt West Virginia's coal industry. (HB 103, 2009, The Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, 06/02/09)


Gun control

Jenkins voted against an NRA-backed bill to prohibit cities and counties from restricting the right of any person to purchase, possess, transfer, own, carry or sell any firearm or ammunition. (Charleston Gazette, 03/04/99; West Virginia House Journal, P. 997, 03/03/99)

Planned Parenthood

Jenkins voted for the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that funded Planned Parenthood. (RC #127, 03/22/18) PBS News explicitly declared: “The bill continues current policies. Planned Parenthood would remain eligible for federal grants.”


Appointments of pro-abortion liberals

Evan Jenkins voted twice to confirm pro-abortion nominees to the West Virginia Board of Medicine. (1) Del. Mary Pearl Compton (Senate Daily Journal, 06/30/03, p. 48-52) (Charleston Daily Mail, 07/02/03) (2) Pat Hussey: “West Virginians for Life lobbied the Senate Confirmations Committee to block the appointment to the state Board of Medicine of a former nun who made national headlines in the mid-1980s for opposing the Roman Catholic Church's stand on abortion.” (Charleston Gazette, 03/11/03)

Hillary Clinton

Jenkins attended a Hillary Clinton for president rally in 2008. (“Cabell Dems ready for visit,” The Herald-Dispatch, July 27, 2007)

John Kerry

Jenkins supported John Kerry for president in 2004: “Jenkins said he still plans to support the Democratic nominee in November's election.” (Charleston Daily Mail, 08/05/04)
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