Morrisey has become one of the leading Attorneys General in the fight against President Obama’s overreaching, illegal EPA regulations. In February 2016, under Morrisey’s leadership, the Supreme Court halted implementation of Obama’s signature climate change initiative, the Clean Power Plan, in an unprecedented win for AG Morrisey and the 28 other state Attorneys General.

In 2015, Morrisey helped lead a coalition of states to challenge and win a stay against the EPA “Waters of the United States” rule, a significant victory for homeowners, farmers, and businesses across the country. His legal victories against the Obama Administration have helped to protect West Virginia jobs and uphold the rule of law.  

Morrisey has made fighting substance abuse a top priority for the Office. He has been leading one of the most aggressive, comprehensive efforts to combat the substance abuse crisis facing West Virginia. In 2015, he established a partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in West Virginia’s Northern District which designated two special federal prosecutors to help prosecute drug traffickers. He has also partnered with neighboring Ohio’s Attorney General for the Taking Back Our Communities conference, a faith-based initiative to tackle the substance abuse crisis with a grassroots approach. Morrisey has dramatically expanded his office’s substance abuse capabilities, including increasing the number of investigators in his office to five.

In May 2016, Morrisey announced a comprehensive Best Practices Initiative aimed at dramatically reducing the use of opioids in West Virginia by 25 percent. In June 2016, his office teamed up with the Boards of Medicine and Osteopathy to launch a campaign to educate consumers about the risks of using opioids.

His office is vigorously enforcing the state’s consumer protection laws and has already obtained a number of critical settlements which will help reduce the oversupply of opioids in the state. Morrisey has also sought to return money to the state’s General Fund to eliminate the backlog at the state crime lab and to help address the substance abuse epidemic from a supply, demand, and educational perspective.

In the summer of 2016, Morrisey helped award grants to place incinerators in different parts of the state so that unused and expired medications can be disposed of properly.

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Since taking office, Morrisey has completely transformed how the Office of Attorney General operates. First, Morrisey increased transparency by reforming how the state hires outside counsel, which has saved taxpayers more than $4.3 million. Morrisey has also drawn from his private sector experience to implement new policies and procedures that increase efficiency and save taxpayer dollars. To date, the Office has voluntarily returned over $33 million to the state’s general fund in part due to these quality-driven practices.

Eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse has been a top priority for Morrisey, as he continues to push aggressively to reform state government. In late 2015, he worked with the Social Security Administration to form a federal-state Collaborative Disability Unit to take on disability fraud, the first such agreement in West Virginia history.  In 2014, he called on the West Virginia Legislature to audit and review the performance of all state agencies in order to identify and eliminate any abuse of taxpayer dollars.

A staunch advocate of improving the state’s business climate and advancing policies that create jobs, Morrisey’s Consumer Protection Division is known for its fair yet vigorous enforcement practices. In one landmark case, Morrisey obtained the largest independent ‎settlement in West Virginia history, realizing $160 million in investments in infrastructure and monies for consumers. 


Upon taking office, Morrisey also cleaned up a multi-year backlog of claims that were owed to consumers. In some cases, consumers hadn’t been paid monies owed to them for five years. The Office implemented a new electronic consumer complaint system which dramatically improved response time to consumers; it now averages thirty-five days to resolve a complaint.

His aggressive educational efforts help protect seniors and the most vulnerable from scams. Morrisey has also filed lawsuits and obtained numerous settlements to enforce our state’s consumer protection laws against those who prey on our seniors.

As Attorney General, Morrisey is fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights. That’s why he has earned an A+ rating from the NRA and he is also endorsed by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Morrisey has worked to dramatically expand the number of states West Virginia has gun reciprocity agreements with.

The Constitution of the United States was established, in part, to prohibit the federal government from violating our God-given rights. Unfortunately, we have seen a tendency for some in Washington, DC to seek to expand our federal government every chance they get. Obama’s liberal allies choose to disregard the rule of law and move to centralize power rather than protect states’ and individuals’ rights.

That is why Patrick Morrisey is looking out for you every day, as West Virginia’s Attorney General. He has fought to defend the Constitution with the vigilance and courage we need during these trying times. Morrisey takes seriously his duty to stand up for the US and West Virginia Constitution and the individual liberties these documents protect.

Patrick Morrisey has a proven pro-life record and fights to protects the unborn.

Recently, Att‎orney General Morrisey joined a coalition of 11 states in a lawsuit against President Obama’s school transgender policy, an illegal executive action that threatens to put local schools’ federal funding at risk.

AG Morrisey has also fought to prevent the IRS from targeting religious organizations. He helped a coalition of states prevail in the “Hobby Lobby” case, which protected citizens from some of the overreaches of Obamacare.

A nationally prominent health care lawyer, Morrisey previously served as partner and co-chair of a large health care and life science practice. A practicing attorney since 1992, Morrisey has worked on many high profile health care matters and possesses a broad array of experience on regulatory issues, Medicare, Medicaid, policy, fraud and abuse investigations, legislative, strategic counseling, and legal and policy challenges to federal statutes and regulations.

Morrisey assisted the states’ successful challenge to the health care law in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has also led successful efforts to thwart the federal government’s efforts to impose price controls on health care products and seeks to limit the scope of federal regulations over our nation’s health care system. Morrisey has extensive experience analyzing a myriad of Medicaid policies and federal matching rules, an invaluable background in light of the fact that Medicaid represents the second largest line-item expenditure in the state’s budget.

In light of West Virginia’s workforce participation rate – currently the lowest in the country – Attorney General Morrisey believes that every statewide public official must do everything in his or her power to remove obstacles to job creation in the state.

During his term of office, Morrisey has transformed the office’s reputation by hiring high quality, accomplished lawyers and by ensuring that all enforcement in the office is blind to political affiliation and economic status. Groups across the country have praised Morrisey’s effort to create a level playing field for businesses.