Fighting Substance Abuse

According to the Martinsburg Journal, “no state official has been more effective in the struggle against drug abuse” than Patrick Morrisey. Morrisey created the state’s first ever substance abuse fighting unit, and his office reached the largest settlement with pharmaceutical distributors in the state’s history, totaling $47 million.

Morrisey also ramped up the state’s educational efforts to fight substance abuse, holding hundreds of seminars and public meetings to educate kids, community leaders, and seniors.

As U.S. Senator, Morrisey will work with local, state, and federal authorities to better coordinate law enforcement efforts between these groups. He will continue to promote cost effective treatment options for patients and press for tougher sentences for drug kingpins.

Fiscal Responsibility

Growing up in a working-class family gave Morrisey an appreciation for how to stretch a dollar. As Attorney General, he has worked to protect taxpayer dollars, voluntarily returning over $40 million to the state general fund and state agencies. In 2016, Morrisey initiated the first-ever disability fraud unit in the Attorney General’s office, saving taxpayers $4.4 million in the first 15 months. As U.S. Senator, Morrisey will work to promote additional federal-state partnerships to combat fraud, waste, and abuse.

With the country’s debt spiraling out of control under President Obama, Morrisey wants to permanently curb Washington’s appetite for spending. Morrisey supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to force Washington to balance its books just like West Virginia families do every day.

Fighting for Our Seniors

Our country made a solemn promise to our seniors, and we must do everything to keep that promise. While it’s important to consider reforms to keep Social Security and Medicare solvent, we should not make changes that would negatively impact retirees or those nearing retirement.

During his tenure as Attorney General, Morrisey stood strong for seniors, working to protect them from scams and consumer fraud. As U.S. Senator, Patrick Morrisey will look out for seniors and veterans and target government resources to those who need it most – this includes the many low-income West Virginians on fixed incomes who cannot afford changes to their retirement plans when they are enjoying their golden years.

Term Limits

Patrick Morrisey strongly supports term limits and would vote for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that places limitations on the number of terms members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate may serve.

Constitutional Conservative Values

As Attorney General, Morrisey was one of the most aggressive defenders of our Constitution. He led a 27-state coalition to defeat President Obama’s top anti-coal initiative at the U.S. Supreme Court. Morrisey successfully stood up to President Obama again when he helped lead a coalition of 30 states against the radical “waters of the United States” rule, which would have crippled West Virginia farmers, homeowners, those in energy jobs, and small business owners.

On issue after issue, Morrisey took on and led fights against the Obama administration, while defending the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, and many other parts of our Constitution.

The U. S. Senate needs another constitutional conservative with the courage to defend the people’s rights against an expansive federal government. In the U. S. Senate, Morrisey will continue to ensure that no one – including the federal government – runs roughshod over West Virginia.

Traditional Values

A lifelong Republican, Morrisey has been a champion for West Virginia conservative values. One hundred percent pro-life, Morrisey’s advocacy helped lead to passage of the Pain-Capable law in West Virginia.

Morrisey believes that government has a duty to protect innocent life and supports overturning Roe v. Wade. He opposes taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, and has pushed the state legislature and Congress to end funding to this organization.

Morrisey is a staunch advocate for religious freedom and was one of several Attorneys General to join the legal efforts supporting Hobby Lobby. Morrisey supports the nomination of conservative judges who will protect our constitutional rights and not legislate from the bench.

Second Amendment

Morrisey’s record on Second Amendment issues is second to none in West Virginia, earning an A+ rating from the NRA and West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. As Attorney General, he dramatically expanded reciprocity rights for gun owners and strongly supported passage of constitutional carry legislation in West Virginia. His office has regularly written legal briefs arguing in favor of gun rights. As your U.S. Senator, he will continue his Second Amendment advocacy and fight the radical gun control lobby at every turn.

Security and Immigration

Maintaining a strong national defense is essential to preserving American exceptionalism and freedom. The world is growing increasingly dangerous, and our security interests must focus on pressing threats, including, but not limited to, eliminating ISIS and stopping the development of the North Korea and Iran nuclear programs.

As a country of immigrants, Morrisey appreciates that America is a melting pot of different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, history, and culture. At the same time, the country’s lax immigration laws pose a security risk to our homeland.

That is why Morrisey successfully filed suit against the Obama amnesty program and opposes sanctuary cities. Morrisey recently led a 10-state effort in support of President Trump’s anti-sanctuary city policy.

Morrisey believes we need a comprehensive plan to tackle illegal immigration and protect our country, including more aggressive efforts to track the flow of visitors into our country; building a wall; establishing more thorough vetting of security risks, and pushing greater coordination between law enforcement agencies.

Jobs and Economy

West Virginia is still suffering from President Obama’s reckless regulatory policies and executive actions. Congress can help undo some of the damage by permanently repealing Obama’s onerous regulations and enacting comprehensive tax reform.

The current tax system is riddled with loopholes that rewards politically connected corporations at the expense of hardworking taxpayers and small business owners. A simpler, flatter tax system will kick-start economic growth and empower entrepreneurs to create new businesses and hire new employees.

In addition to tax reform, Morrisey believes West Virginia must continue to invest in its infrastructure to meet the needs of its citizens and businesses. For West Virginia to reach its potential, it must improve its roads, bridges, dams, and high-speed internet capacity. As Attorney General, Morrisey reached a record-breaking settlement with Frontier Communications that required the company to invest $150 million into the state’s high-speed internet infrastructure. As U.S. Senator, he will promote the state and encourage new private sector companies to locate here.