REPORT: “Manchin Wanted to Use Opioid Funding on Personal ‘Governor’s Helicopter’”

CHARLESTON, WV — This morning, there is a new report out exposing Joe Manchin’s 2007 request to use drug settlement funds from his time as governor to pay for a personal “Governor’s Helicopter.” The Washington Free Beacon report unveils an internal memo from 2007 circulated in Joe Manchin’s governor’s office outlining how Manchin wanted to use opioid settlement funds for a personal “Governor’s Helicopter.” The memo drafted … Read More

In case you missed it… Roll Call: GOP Poll Puts Morrisey and Manchin Almost Even After Kavanaugh Vote

CHARLESTON, WV — Today, Public Opinion Strategies released new polling in the West Virginia Senate race showing the contest between Manchin and Morrisey to be almost even after Saturday’s Kavanaugh vote. The Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted this week is in line with recent polling in the race showing the campaign either tied or within the margin of error. “As West Virginia voters learn more about Joe Manchin’s record … Read More

WV Senate Debate Formally Announced By Nexstar, Morrisey Agrees, Manchin Says “No”

CHARLESTON, WV — This weekend, Nexstar Broadcasting announced the October 15th West Virginia U.S. Senate debate to air on 5 Nexstar stations across West Virginia, reaching all 55 counties in the state. Nexstar noted that Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has accepted the invitation to debate, but the Manchin campaign has said “no.” WATCH NEXTSTAR’S PRE-DEBATE COVERAGE  “Joe Manchin is afraid of televised debates because he can’t … Read More

What They Are Saying About Manchin’s Political Calculation

CHARLESTON, WV — Following Manchin’s decision to make a political calculation in a desperate effort to try to save his re-election bid, observers on all ends of the spectrum noted how Joe Manchin’s decision was a real sad profile in political courage. Politico reported on Manchin’s plan to not be the deciding vote, making his decision inconsequential in the outcome. Adding to Manchin’s … Read More


Sideline Joe literally waited in the wings of the Senate Chamber until there was a majority of “aye” votes, making his vote ultimately non-consequential  CHARLESTON, WV — Joe Manchin lacks the courage to be the deciding votefor Judge Brett Kavanaugh, so today, he waited until the outcome was decided to only then pile-on. Reporters noted that Manchin hid while the votes continued, but only … Read More

NEW: Morrisey For Senate’s New TV Ad Shows Senate Race To Be Referendum On Trump

Morrisey for Senate launches fourth TV ad starring President Trump, featuring Trump’s comments from last weekend’s rally in Wheeling: “A vote for Morrisey is a vote for me.” CHARLESTON, WV — This morning, the Morrisey for Senate campaign released its fourth TV ad featuring footage from President Donald Trump praising Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. The new ad, “Vote For Me (Trump),” features … Read More

Manchin Votes For Manchin

Manchin makes craven political calculation to vote for Kavanaugh, but only after his vote wasn’t needed CHARLESTON, WV — This morning, Joe Manchin announced he caved to pressure from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and the majority of West Virginians to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but only after Trump and Senate Republicans had secured enough votes to not need Manchin’s support. In … Read More

TRUMP: “A Vote For Morrisey Is A Vote For Me”

“Joe refused to stand up to the Democrat resistance, the radical open border Dems, Pelosi and they’re new de-facto leader, the legendary Maxine Waters.” – President Donald Trump WHEELING, WV — Tonight, President Donald J. Trump rallied West Virginians for Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, and slammed Sen. Joe Manchin. Watch Donald Trump Praise Patrick Morrisey TRUMP ON MORRISEY: Good job, Patrick. Thank you, Patrick. Remember … Read More

Why Is Manchin Afraid To Debate?

CHARLESTON, WV — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has accepted invitations for three statewide televised debates, and remains open to additional debates, including one hosted by a national media outlet. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin refuses to commit to two upcoming statewide televised debates: the West Virginia Press Association/WCHS/AARP debate on October 9 and the Nexstar broadcasting debate on October 15. Why is Manchin … Read More

Morrisey Agrees To Three Statewide Televised Debates

CHARLESTON, WV — Today, the Morrisey for Senate campaign announced that Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has agreed to three statewide televised debates.  October 9 – Press Association / WCHS / AARP Debate October 15 – Nexstar Debate November 1 – Broadcasters Association Debate Liberal Joe Manchin has repeatedly refused to answer for his record of partnering with Obama to restrict gun … Read More