How Biden’s new Title IX regulations eviscerate the definition of sex

We used to take it for granted that when young women chose to step up to the plate or dive into the pool, they’d be competing fairly against other women. Sadly, common sense has become less common, as males have self-identified their way into women’s locker rooms, prisons and athletic competitions across the country. That’s why West Virginians stepped up in 2021 to protect athletic opportunities for girls and women by passing H.B. 3293, which simply clarifies that only females would be permitted to participate in female scholastic athletics. 

But just days ago, the Fourth Circuit, picking up on arguments coming straight from the Biden administration, ludicrously found that keeping women’s sports all-female violates Title IX. This is a view that the Biden administration has since codified with its final Title IX regulation rewrite, which was released April 19.  

That’s right, Title IX, a statute meant to protect women’s educational opportunities, including in sports, is now being used to unfairly deny women their right to fair competition against other women. 

Read Patrick Morrisey and Riley Gaines’ Op-ed in Fox News.

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