Morrisey Issues Statement on Blankenship Entering Race

Harpers Ferry, WV – U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey issued the following statement on Don Blakenship entering the West Virginia Senate race: “Everyone has a right to run for public office. I welcome anyone into this contest, but I will continue to run on my positive record of obtaining conservative results for coal miners and West Virginia taxpayers, fighting for the unborn, protecting gun … Read More

West Virginia Record: Morrisey’s campaign criticizes Jenkins’ political mailer

From Morrisey campaign spokeswoman Nachama Soleveichik said a constituent of Jenkins in the Third Congressional District received the mailer and posted it on Twitter. It is stamped as a public document and as “official business,” meaning it was sent from Jenkins’ office using the franking privilege, which allows members of Congress to send mail without postage. “But the mail … Read More

Jenkins Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Promote Senate Campaign

Harpers Ferry, WV – U.S. Senate candidate Evan Jenkins sent out a political mailer touting his support for President Trump through his congressional office with taxpayer dollars under the guise of constituent service. A constituent received the Jenkins mailer and posted it on Twitter. The mailer is stamped as a “public document” and as “official business.” But the mail piece is nothing … Read More

ICYMI: New Poll Shows Morrisey Beating Jenkins in WV Primary

Harpers Ferry, WV – A new poll released by 35th PAC shows Patrick Morrisey defeating Evan Jenkins in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in West Virginia. The poll was conducted by Fabrizio, Lee and Associates between Oct. 19 – Oct. 22. According to Roll Call, which received a copy of the polling memo, Morrisey leads Jenkins on the ballot by six points, … Read More

Hypocritical Jenkins May Have Violated State Senate Rules for Lobbying on Conflict of Interest Issues

Harpers Ferry, WV – Evan Jenkins should win the hypocrisy award for lobbing attacks against Patrick Morrisey’s record when he allegedly violated West Virginia Senate rules by lobbying on behalf of the West Virginia Medical Association (WVMA) as its executive director, while he served as a state legislator and voted on issues relevant to WVMA. Jenkins served as the executive director … Read More

Morrisey Highlights Sen. Manchin’s Hypocrisy on Opioid Crisis

Manchin was for drug bill before he was against it Harpers Ferry, WV – Patrick Morrisey’s U.S. Senate campaign released evidence demonstrating that Senator Joe Manchin’s negligence and legislative record helped fuel the opioid crisis in West Virginia. In classic Washington hypocrisy, Sen. Manchin is now backpedalling furiously, desperate to cover his tracks. Last year, Sen. Manchin voted for S. … Read More

Jenkins Fueled Opioid Crisis while Morrisey Tackled Substance Abuse in WV

Harpers Ferry, WV – While Attorney General Patrick Morrisey aggressively tackled the opioid crisis in West Virginia, Rep. Evan Jenkins voted for the now infamous “Marino bill” that is cited for fueling the opioid epidemic. Last year, Evan Jenkins supported S. 483, also known as the “Marino bill.” Recently, the Washington Post and CBS “60 Minutes” published reports demonstrating that the bill was a … Read More


ALLIANCE MOVES TO BACK CANDIDATES DEDICATED TO CHALLENGING THE ESTABLISHMENT AND ADVANCING PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ‘AMERICA FIRST’ AGENDA Alexandria, VA – Fresh off the resounding victory of Judge Roy Moore, who the Great America Alliance supported in the Alabama Senate runoff, the leading issue advocacy organization supporting the agenda of President Donald Trump today unveiled their first three U.S. Senate endorsements … Read More

Morrisey Endorsed by Home School Legal Defense Association PAC

Harpers Ferry, WV – Conservative support continues to coalesce around U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey. Today, he was endorsed by conservative activist group, the Home School Legal Defense Association Political Action Committee (HSLDA PAC). In a letter to the Morrisey campaign, HSLDA PAC director William Estrada said: “The HSLDA PAC knows that you are the strong conservative, pro-family, pro-homeschooling candidate … Read More

Patrick Morrisey Raises $672,000 in Q3 in WV Race

Harpers Ferry, WV – In a sign of Patrick Morrisey’s growing support in the U.S Senate race in West Virginia, Morrisey announced that he has raised approximately $672,000 in the third financial quarter of 2017. Morrisey announced more than $548,000 cash on hand for the quarter. Morrisey’s fundraising haul is more than TRIPLE the $220,000 raised by his primary opponent, Evan Jenkins, in … Read More