ICYMI: Sen. Joe Manchin Losing Badly to Generic Republican

A new poll conducted by AXIOS shows Sen. Joe Manchin losing BADLY to a generic Republican. According to this poll, Sen. Manchin is the second most vulnerable Democratic senator in the country. In addition, at 65%, President Trump’s approval rating in West Virginia is the highest in the nation.

Morrisey Releases New Digital Ad Highlighting Jenkins’ Liberal Past

Harpers Ferry, WV – Today, Morrisey for Senate released a new digital ad highlighting Evan Jenkins’ 20-year record as a liberal Democrat. Entitled “Hiding,” the ad discusses Evan Jenkins’ liberal record, including his support for a cap-and-trade bill, more than 20 tax and fee increases, and his support for Democrats Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for president in 2008 and 2004 respectively. The … Read More

Morrisey Releases New Digital Ad, “Fighter”

Harpers Ferry, WV – Today, Morrisey for Senate released a new digital ad highlighting Patrick Morrisey’s conservative record. Entitled “Fighter,” the ad discusses Morrisey’s commitment to fighting for the unborn, his work defeating President Obama’s War on Coal, his support for President Trump’s job agenda and Morrisey’s endorsement by conservative groups including West Virginians for Life and the West Virginia … Read More

ICYMI: Erick Erickson Endorses Patrick Morrisey in West Virginia Senate Race

Harpers Ferry, WV – Conservative commentator Erick Erickson of the Resurgent endorsed Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in the Republican primary in the West Virginia U.S. Senate race. Erickson cited Morrisey’s conservative record, his fight for West Virginia, and his ability to take on and defeat Sen. Joe Manchin in the general election. Read the entire post below. Conservatives Need to … Read More

Gov. Scott Walker Endorses Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate

Madison, WI – Today, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin endorsed conservative Patrick Morrisey in the U.S. Senate race in West Virginia. In his endorsement, Gov. Walker emphasized Attorney General Morrisey’s commitment to conservative causes and his success in achieving results. From Morrisey’s successful defeat of President Obama’s War on Coal, to Morrisey’s fight to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection … Read More

Morrisey Campaign Edits Joe Manchin’s Pledge Gimmick

Harpers Ferry, WV – After Sen. Joe Manchin issued a self-serving pledge, urging his Senate colleagues to resist campaigning for his opponents this election cycle, the Morrisey for Senate released an edited version of the Manchin pledge. Entitled “A Pledge to Elect A Real Conservative for WV to the U.S. Senate,” the pledge offers West Virginia voters the opportunity to pledge … Read More

Finally… Sen. Manchin Sides with WV over Chuck Schumer

Harpers Ferry, WV – Five days after U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey called on Sen. Joe Manchin to support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Sen. Manchin announced that he will vote for it. Unfortunately, Sen. Manchin has a poor record on pro-life issues. In the past, he was caught holding a sign that said, “I stand with Planned Parenthood,” and voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. In … Read More

Patrick Morrisey Files for U.S. Senate

Charleston, WV – Today, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey filed his candidacy with the West Virginia Secretary of State. Morrisey is the only candidate in the race with a proven conservative record and leads his rivals in endorsements and financial support. “I have a record as Attorney General of fighting for and advancing the conservative principles that so many West … Read More